First Responders Overview

Ditch google sheets, document repositories, and off-the-shelf scheduling software. EZTrain is a platform that combines training, scheduling, document storage, and notifications so supervisors are informed of their members’ training progress and can push them towards full compliance. We offer the most comprehensive scheduling and training tools at a fraction of the cost of major competitors.

Intelligent Signup

Our extensive suite of signup features are designed to minimize scheduling errors and allow your organization to focus on the most pertinent tasks. Supervisors create events with a customized suite of features where they can set capacity limits, define compliance prerequisites, filter based on uncompleted tasks, and lock trainees into shifts.

Conflict Detection

EZTrain automatically detects time conflicts with other scheduled events and personal agendas. Trainees input their weekly availability so recurring commitments are flagged and supervisors know when to schedule them.

Sign Up Notifications

Our notifications and reminders help eliminate the burden on supervisors to individually reach out to personnel within their organization.. Shift/event sign up is fully integrated with notifications, so you can easily update your team on the status of upcoming shifts.

Notification Center

Live notifications are vital for the fast-paced, dynamic nature of mission-critical work, and our system makes mass messaging simple and efficient. Send all trainees action lists of outstanding tasks that are due or send out custom messages to individuals/your entire group to notify of live changes.

Training Management

Training Regimen Development: Easily partition your organization into different sub-groups and create customized regimens for specific continued education training.
Event and Notification Integration: Training regimens easily interface with event creation and notifications, so you can easily manage ongoing training with a variety of automated tools
Training Logs: EZTrain creates a papertrail of all task/shift completion so you have a record of activity and progress for every individual within your organization

Document Management

Allow members to upload key documentation along with corresponding due dates. Enable reminders so that you are automatically notified when documents will expire soon. Our document storage system eliminates the need to manually monitor when documents are missing or expiring, thus ensuring that all individuals are compliant or aware of missing items.