Customer Success Overview

EZTrain improves organization and operations for our customers by introducing modern tools such as data analysis and smart notifications to streamline the overall readiness experience. Our users love EZTrain because it mitigates tedious, manual data upkeep and allows them to keep tabs on all members in one centralized location. Whether you manage readiness as an Air Force Training Manager, Fire Director, or EMS Director, EZTrain can save you time, eliminate logistical confusion, and increase the percentage of members who are mission-ready. Hear from some of our Air Force customers below and see how EZTrain saves them countless hours and headaches.

DOD Funded Research

EZTrain has been working with Air Force personnel for nearly two years to develop a product specifically tailored to their needs. The DoD recognized this value and awarded us an STTR Grant in partnership with the Air Force to continue our research and development. Since then, we have tested our product in live training environments for over 200 end-users, expanded testing to 4 Air Force bases and one Army National Guard Unit, and presented our software to the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Based on DoD Funded Research

During our Grant process, EZTrain conducted surveys and interviews with over 200 Reservists to measure key readiness statistics before and after the use of our software. Our results were extremely successful:

Current EZTrain Defense Footprint

EZTrain is actively testing our product with a wide range of stakeholders across the Air Force and broader Department of Defense: