Meet the Team

EZTrainā€™s team has a multi-decade, proven track record of software development in the DoD and commercial sector. Team members are recognized leaders within the Pratt School of Engineering and Information Security Office at Duke University. Diverse backgrounds within architecture design, IT, security, data privacy, and finance allow us to create the most efficient, innovative, and secure product for our users. We are led by service-disabled veterans who believe in the benefits EZTrain delivers and understand the pain points they address.

Luke Sommer


Roberto Medrano


Thomas Chemmanoor


Benjamin Lu


Robert Morris

Chief Operating Officer

Kris Hamilton

Chief Technology Officer

David Chen

Software Engineer

Will Maynard

Business Development Manager

Jonny Chang

Software Engineer

Sam Eure

Software Engineer

Haley Hamill

Software Engineer

Ricky Zhang

UI/UX Designer


Our Story

EZTrain is a team full of creative thinkers that put our end-users at the center of all decisions. We focus on analyzing our customers' objectives and delivering solutions that directly address their needs. EZTrain strives to save time and resources because we understand how these incremental benefits can improve mission-readiness for our customers.

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