Air Force Overview

There is a clear need for more efficient readiness management and training in the Air Force. Today, supervisors manually track task completion and lack data analytics that could help improve future operations. EZTrain equips supervisors with data integration, management, and analysis in order to optimize time and resources. These significant savings free supervisors from computational tasks, allowing them to be leaders within their units and increase the percentage of mission-ready airmen.

Automated Data Management

EZTrain’s proprietary algorithms dynamically parse unique data sheets and organize the information into digestible profiles. Simply upload your readiness data, and EZTrain will automatically populate dashboards that display personalized profiles within a few minutes.

Conflict Detection

Easily prioritize tasks and detect conflicts in order to maximize efficient training sessions for large groups of people. Once events are created, supervisors can remind individuals about sign ups through SMS or email.

Predictive Readiness Analytics

EEZTrain gives leadership access into granular or holistic readiness data across their units in order to help maximize mission-ready Airmen. Additionally, EZTrain analyzes archived data to provide insights into who is most likely to miss deadlines and what tasks are consistently not getting completed. This knowledge helps supervisors understand what tasks to prioritize and where to best allocate their attention.

Live Training Updates

EZTrain automatically generates trainee action lists, and with the click of a button, supervisors send these lists via SMS. Trainees respond in the same text thread, updating supervisors about their task completion. These live updates are aggregated into a finished task log that acts as a paper trail that is used for reporting and tracking purposes.

Better Accountability and Communication

Clear communication tools allow supervisors to quickly connect with all trainees in one place, eliminating the need to track down individuals on base.

Action reminders: notify trainees of all outstanding tasks that are due/overdue in order to minimize confusion and maximize training time.
Custom Messages: send out custom messages to individuals or your entire group to notify of live changes or updates. This could be as direct as calling someone to your office or as broad as notifying an entire base of a Commander’s Call.
Task Notifications: set up automatic task reminders so trainees receive a message prior to any training sessions or scheduled events. These notifications keep trainees on track and reduce the need for supervisors to constantly remind people of upcoming commitments.

Scalable for Any Organization

EZTrain is designed to permit various levels of oversight and data access. Wing leadership can utilize the software for high-level readiness assessments while Section Chiefs can receive granular information about specific trainees in their shop. EZTrain molds to different wing structures and scales to serve organizations regardless of size.