Saving time and resources so service members can save lives.

Saving time and resources so service members can save lives.

Modern Tools For for Mission-Critical Organizations

EZTrain provides data management software that automates and organizes readiness information so that our customers can easily create training plans, manage personnel, and document progress all in one centralized hub.

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Leverage Data to Increase Proficiency in Your Unit

EZTrain equips members with a contemporary, unified hub that addresses the shortfalls of legacy and disparate systems. Beyond a static data repository, EZTrain provides actionable insights that empower organizations to develop more mission-ready individuals.

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Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Innovation and customer-centricity is at the heart of EZTrain. We collaborate with our end users to solve their most pressing pain points.

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Meaningful Time and Resource Savings for our Partners

EZTrain has proven its value through active use across multiple Air Force bases and EMT organizations.

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